Ms. Taylor

Infant & Toddler & 2 Year Old Teacher

Ms Taylor has been working in childcare for 5 years . In 2018 she worked at Brighton Academy for two years then went on to teach at Canterbury Academy and The Learning Experience. Taylor is very excited to be returning to Brighton and building her home with our BA family.
Taylor has a huge passion for working with children especially 2 year olds. All ages are a blessing to work with but 2 year old are definitely her niche.
Taylor's boyfriend, Joey and her recently moved into their first house and welcomed their son, Harrison into the world on July 24th .
In her free time, Taylor likes playing with her two cats, Rylie and Obi , doing too much online shopping and trying to tackle being a new mom
A fun fact about Taylor is that she LOVES a good candle and Reba McEntire!