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Brighton Academy provides a peaceful, safe, and fun environment for children to grow and feel loved.


Our mission is to serve children and their families by providing innovative, high quality early learning and childcare, as well as providing many additional services to help our families in the busy world in which they live.


By providing outside services (PDO, extra-curricular classes, camps, etc.), activity classes, and family events, parents and children are able to spend more quality time together. Then, in turn, we as Brighton Academy staff can spend more quality time with our members and get to know them a little better outside the classroom and more in a real world, fun setting. This allows us to add our own personal touch.


It is important to us that our families know that we're much more than just a place their child goes to learn, interact and begin to develop skills in their formative years.  Brighton Academy is a family! This will always be our most important cornerstone.



We believe that a high-quality early learning program creates an environment that facilitates all aspects of learning. This "Whole Child" philosophy identifies five components of learning that we incorporate into our curriculum daily.


Our program includes:

  • cognitive-intellectual growth

  • socialization

  • language-literacy

  • exploration of arts and sciences

  • fine and large motor skills


By blending learning and nurturing during the first five years, our program promotes school readiness for all children.

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