Infant's Room
Infant's Room

Pre-K Room
Pre-K Room



     Brighton Academy is an early educational learning environment that takes a traditional approach to child development. We are a small, private facility that is designed to give your child individual attention while attending to all facets of your child's growth; intellectual and physical.


     A child who completes a three to five year cycle at Brighton Academy will be constantly challenged, and well prepared to enter elementary school. We use an advanced curriculum and provide a specialized prekindergarten program that is designed to keep children educated beyond state standards. Staff members are educated, CPR trained, and screened for criminal history and drug use. We take pride in the education and environment that we provide for our students.



     We utilize Appelbaum Training Institute Curriculum at our school. It is designed to educate children ages, 2-6. The curriculum is advanced, with the objective of preparing children for elementary school. All staff members have been trained by the Institute on a regular/ongoing basis to carry out the curriculum efficiently.

     Our prekindergarten program is based around the entrance standards of all area elementary schools and integrated with our daily Appelbaum curriculum. Upon graduation from Brighton Academy students are equipped with all educational and physical development skills required for success in their next educational level.


(6 weeks to 12 months)

Infants receive specialized care according to their individual needs. They are offered physical and mental activities for stimulation & brain development. We only have four infants to one teacher in our care at a time, which allows us all to become acquainted on many levels.


(12 to 23 months)

Toddler students adhere to a daily learning schedule that consists of;

  • Scientific knowledge

  • Individual choice & discovery play

  • Life skills

  • Outdoor time

  • Group learning

  • Literacy

  • Music

  • Art

  • Math concepts


(2 years)

Appelbaum Curriculum is used daily and designed specifically for this age group. They will gain scientific knowledge, mathematical knowledge, communication and literacy skills, social and emotional development, social studies and life skills. Parents are informed weekly of all educational materials being covered and are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s learning and development throughout their child’s learning experience at Brighton Academy.


(3 to 4½ years)

Applebaum Curriculum is used for this age group on a daily basis. They follow a structured learning schedule that incorporates educational based themes. Parents will be informed of the weekly educational content prior to the lessons. Our preliminary activities in the primary classroom emphasize the core elements of education including letter and number recognition; habits such as raising hands before speaking during group time and standing in line are also established.


(4½ to 6 years)

Age specific Applebaum Curriculum is used in this classroom. This classroom focuses primarily on kindergarten readiness. We create and implement individualized learning plans specific for each child in our program. We keep constant communication with his or her parents to ensure that the child will be academically and socially prepared for an elementary school setting.



Tours are administered by appointment only. To schedule a tour please contact the center by phone or email.


A deposit is due at the time an enrollment spot is reserved. A deposit consists of one-week’s tuition rate and will apply to your first week tuition payment.



Are you a Certified Educator? Ask about our Certified Educator Policy!


  • Children 6 Weeks to 23 Months:

    • $250 Weekly

  • Children 24 Months to 35 months:

    • $225 Weekly​​​

  • Children 3 years to 6 years:

    • $210 Weekly​​

We offer a $35 sibling discount for families enrolled with multiple children.


Enrollment/Registration Fee:

Registration fee is $45 per family (one-time fee, due at enrollment or first day of attendance)


We are considered a state licensed childcare facility according to Missouri state requirements. We undergo several inspections from state officials each year to ensure that we meet all licensing requirements.


Brighton Academy serves families primarily from the Northland area of Kansas City. Use the form to the right for any questions you have as a current or prospective parent, and we'll respond promptly.

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